Fall Fair in 3 Countries


Dear partner,
We would like to invite you to participate on our roadshow fair in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine in October 2017. October is a perfect time to visit these countries as students are still in the process of making their application, some are making up their decision.

Participation fee for all three countries includes all the expenses of your travel.

  • Accommodation at 5 star hotel
  • Food and beverage
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa
  • Paid advertisement on social media

Please contact Mr. Anar (anar@azeristudent.az) for more information about participation fee.


14-15 October



21 October



22 October


Please fill out the form to register for the fair!

☆ You may also send email to anar@azeristudent.az for registration! ☆

What Participated Partners say

  • Jonathan Harvey
    Jonathan Harvey

    Programme Director
    St. Andrew University
    Azeri Student fairs are always expertly organised and very well-attended.

  • Murtza Ali Ghaznavi
    Murtza Ali Ghaznavi

    Region Development Manager
    Aberystwyth University
    I have attended all the fairs of Azeri Student. They are the best!

  • Ewa Zagotto
    Ewa Zagotto

    Sales Manager
    Study Group
    Azeri Student fairs is the best in the region. We get very good quality of students during the fair.